Queen Aminatu- Green Crewneck 

Aminatu was royalty; she was the daughter of Bakwa Turunku and a great Hausa warrior. She is believed to have inherited her unique personality of being precise and assertive from her mother. Her mother built the capital of Zazzau, which was one of the seven original states of Hausaland in the 16th century. Born into a royal family, she chose to embrace her military skills and became one of the greatest warriors in her kingdom. Through her wisdom and smart tactics, she increased Zazzau's borders and made the city a centre of trade in the West African and Saharan region. The beauty was also the brains behind Hausaland's fortified walls. Interestingly, her leadership spanned over three decades.

Queen Makeda- Cream Crewneck 

According to Ethiopia's 14th century's royal epic, Makeda was one of the great African queens. It is believed that she survived a battle with the serpent King Awre, who was troubling the northern Ethiopian Kingdom of Axum. After emerging the victor of the battle, she became the queen of Axum. She is one of the African queens in the Bible. She is famous for her story with the biblical figure, King Solomon of Jerusalem. They had a son together and named him Menelik 1, meaning son of the wise. Menelik 1 became the first imperial ruler of Ethiopia and the first of the Aksûmite kings' line. According to history, she and her son returned the Ark of the Covenant to Axum. It is through them that the lineage of the great East African and Nubian kings was established.

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